While everyone is talking about Amazon's idea to release distribution drones on the world, it's essential to remember that these flying drones can do much more than just move parcels.

What we can do for you at ISM International Inc.

While everyone is talking about Amazon's idea to release distribution drones on the world, it's essential to remember that these flying drones can do much more than just move parcels.

As equipment technology has improved and significantly dropped in price, ISM International Inc. has positioned itself to become an industry leader by coming up with numerous creative uses for drones (UAVs). The sky's the limit as far as what our drones can do. Analysts expect drones to grow into an $82 billion industry in the next 10 years alone, which means that UAVs will become smarter and better and do more as technology and software advances. ISM International is on the leading edge of technology development, software design and implementation and has spent thousands of man hours on design and "real world" application. Our "state of the art" drone design and technology will give the ability for key business segments to save huge amounts of money and create a safer environment over older labor intensive and dangerous procedures from the past. Our drones can almost eliminate the risk of human life!

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are poised to become a thriving global business


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are becoming a thriving global business with an enormous impact across a mix of key businesses.  With the recent ruling from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), drones have been highlighted as an industry that is poised to experience explosive growth.  The industry has been waiting for years for proposed rules that could enable commercial drone operators to fly within what will and has already become a huge global market.

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) predicts that within the first 3 years of business more then 70,000 jobs will be created alone in the US with an economic impact of more then $13.6 Billion. This benefit will grow through 2025, with more then 100,000 new jobs created and nearly $82 billion in economic impact.  At ISM International Inc we are equipped with game changing technology that can help particular business segments become more effective in their field of expertise. UAVs will have significant impact  and increase productivity along with increasing profitability across a wide variety of industries.

In addition, Business Insider Intelligence, a research service from Business Insider, estimates that 12% of an estimated $98 billion in global spending on aerial drones over the next decade will be for commercial purposes. Within this commercial segment, ISM's " state of the art" drone designs, marketing and software design will successfully market its services.

At ISM International Inc., we take pride in each and every project.

We are industry leaders with our services and our experienced and knowledgable staff. We work hard to make sure that we exceed your expectations for your project and are reliable and affordable for everyone. 

                    We have the ability to design and produce 100% Customizable Aerial Drones for your specific needs or        project in both the commercial /industrial business market or private use segment.

·     Using Professional ATIC Capabilities ( Aerial-Topography-Imaging-Capture (data)▪ Camera  Sensor equipped drones

At ISM International Inc., thru our Drones  Division, we will do our very best to make sure that we serve all of your business or professional needs. We either have "in stock" a drone that will fit your needs or we will design and build the right drones to do your job accurately. Our fully trained professionals are ready to help with all aspects and goals for your projects!
AUVSI estimates that commercial drones could inject nearly $14 billion into the US economy.

ISM made a list of what our drones can do.

Swarm Technology

At ISM International Drone Division we are working and developing our own Swarm technology. These drones are capable in taking hundreds of measurements each second, computing their position in relation to other drones, working collectively toward the common goal in their particular assignments and just as imperative, avoiding each other despite moving quickly and in constricted formations. The military, mining companies, agriculture businesses, and all sorts of other industries can use this new technology to deploy groups of drones for various applications especially plotting, observing and recognizing the natural environment in extremely accurate detail which was not available in the past other than expensive aerial photograghy by full size airplanes or helicopters.

Search  & Rescue

Life saving search and rescue is extremely important to us at ISM International. Our drones can help tremendously in these very stressful and time sensitive situations. Our drones have the ability to search a large territory in a very short period of time and deliver instant data to the rescue teams. Equipped with GPS, Ultra HD Cameras, Night Vision, Body Heat Sensors, Infrared Technology etc. this is a tool that rescue teams must have and can make the difference between life and death. As an example, in the case of a child disappearance in a forest, instead of sending hundreds of volunteers to search, ISM International can send a multitude of high tech drones to search and locate the child in a very speedy manner and save precious time. Once the child is located, rescuers can use the GPS coordinates sent by the drones and respond immediately and accurately to the precise location. Our drones can even deliver pertinent information or life saving food or water before the rescue teams can arrive to the location!
Search and rescue is extremely important at ISM, our drones can help tremendously in this situation.

Transport Emergency Medical Supplies

ISM Drones can be used to pick up and deliver in a fraction of the time and at a minimal cost emergency medical supplies, blood test information or a wide array of medical needs from point ‘A’ to point “B’. By doing this we can save valuable time and lives. The Group at ISM International Inc. is building a network for drone-based distributions to remote areas. Ism drones can do aerial inspections of crops.

ISM International Drones can assist all farmers


ISM Drones can assist in all aspects of farming and the agricultural field ! Drones can do aerial inspections of the crops and the Irrigation systems can monitored in minutes. Problems can be discovered very quickly reducing the pontential for large losses and since many farms are very large the mobility and agility of ISM drones are very suitable.


Saving Lives in Hurricanes, Earthquakes and any other Natural Disasters

ISM Drones are great to use in any disaster area. They can be deployed in large quantities and find distressed people faster than helicopters and give/record an exact location of the people affected. Time is critical in saving lives. These drones can deliver messages, instructions, find a path for rescuers, and deliver food and medical supplies to the people in trouble in a very short period of time. 

Bike, Boats , Car Racing and Outdoors Events

Drones are great for outdoor, indoors and pretty much any sporting activities giving a whole new view and perspective from above! Opportunities are endless !
Drones are great for outdoor, indoor and pretty much any sporting activities going on with a view from above.

Tall Buildings and Steep Roof

What a great tool to inspect tall buildings or steep roofs. Our drones can be used to verify any damage or flaws on a steep roof or tall building in minutes almost eliminating risk to valuable human life!

Battle Crime and Crowd Control

Perfect tool for Police departments. ISM International drones can be used for surveillance and related crime activity and can control crowd movements with applicable accessories greatly reducing risk or harm to human life ! ISM Drones can pinpoint trouble makers and deal appropriately with the matter.

US Border Patrol

Perfect tool for Police departments. Border patrol organizations can use ISM drones as a tool for law enforcement.

Border patrol organizations can use ISM drones as a tool for law enforcement. In fact, drones have been popular with these agencies for a while. The entire U.S.-Mexico border has been patrolled by drones for the past three years. Now, border patrol actually wants to arm the drones. Immigration activists are going to love that idea.

Environment Tool

Great for scientists to keep track of the environment. ISM drones can be used for verifying and testing air quality. NASA is even using drones to test the makeup of the ozone. Drones can be used for environmental monitoring and can be used to locate illegal dumping.

Spotting  and Monitoring Wildfires and Caring for Live Stock

Our drones can be an incredibly useful tool for firefighters, especially monitoring fire patterns and movement and eventually drones will have capabilities of assisting in putting out wildfires.

Real Estate

Want to sell your house? An aerial view of your house and the neighborhood can be helpful to the buyer. The real estate industry's loves this idea, and it's becoming gradually more common for property listings to be shown with a drone tour. There have been some legal snags—like in Los Angeles, where the LAPD shut down real estate drones—but new legislation is reversing the ban
Monitoring  Environment and Wildlife

Our drones can be used to observe and keep track accurately the population of certain animals in the wild, especially endangered ones.  We can also help reduce the potential for poaching and monitor the changes in our environment and its effects.


Inspect Oil Rigs

Offshore oil rigs are extremely hard to properly inspect, maintain and are potentially dangerous. ISM International Drones can be a huge help because they can fly into hard-to-reach places reducing or eliminating the risk to human life ! These drones are a must have for monitoring oil fields and pipelines. Your ability to see in real-time what they see is advantageous too.



Now you can catch and record the action as it occurs, drones helps you be a better journalists, be more accurate, along with a whole new perspective to breaking news stories !

Now you can catch and record the action as it occurs, drones helps them be better journalists and be more accurate.

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