ISM SHARES AS OF April 7, 2014
AUTHORIZED 50,000,000
OUTSTANDING 42,600,396
FLOAT 13,773,876   
Symbol Link is ISML

What's New at ISM!

ISM has completed Phase two of its QW - NEW GREEN ENERGY and currently working on Phase 3!

hat are the applications of QW Energy Microgrid device?

The applications of this new green microgrid technology developed by Mario Quenneville will support the basic necessities of life and will support refrigeration, lighting, power computers and cell phones plus much more. The basic device will supply enough energy to power an entire house 7 days a week 24 hours a day with very low maintenance. This device is perfect for disasters area such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. The micro grid device can provide immediate power to the people left without electricity; this will give the power companies plenty of time to complete their restoration work. This device do not need gas to run, it runs by itself using mother nature. When this device is ready for distribution, ISM will offer it to governmental agencies such as FEMA, the military and directly to home owners that wants to reduce or erase their electric bill completely. For people that cannot afford to purchase this equipment, ISM plans to lease it at an affordable price especially to low income families and will create a steady income for the company. The potential of revenue is huge $$$ and great reward for our investors and potential investors. ISM International is actually converting its indoor flea market space into a full manufacturing facility for our energy device. If you are interested in investing in our company. Check ISML which is our trading symbol and ISM operates with a very low float about 13 million shares. If you are a long time investor, it is time to get in and help the company moving forward at a faster pace.

ISM International


ISM International increases its production capacity using outside fulfillment houses and expand its sales effort using professional organization already involved with local discount retail chains, supermarkets, drug stores, and gift shops in the Massive City area. ISM International was established in 2005 in response the consumer demand for new and organic products. The company manufactures and distributes several innovative products which are marketed as a high-quality, but discount, alternative to the existing range of similar products on the market. Since its founding, the business has proven to have found the market niche and will generated an impressive income for the company. Given the company’s great potential record of success in testing the products, the owners now intends to devote all of their attention to ISM International marketing by managing the business full-time and expanding its reach by enhancing existing production capacity and quality and adding additional product lines for expanding the company’s sales efforts.

ISM - Mission

The mission of ISM International is to provide consumers with its brands MyGirl™, SwatBra™,  BioSolvant® and QW Energyas high-quality products at a reasonable price. Plus TV advertizing. Because of its small scale of operation and narrow focus, ISM International has been, and will continue to be, able to provide their products of equal or better quality than the major brands. ISM International will continue to market superior products and plans to add new products to its product mix as the company progresses. These products will be made of the same or better quality as the major retailers products offer but yet will retail for about half the price of existing brands. ISM International intends to increase its production capacity using outside fulfillment houses and expand its sales effort using professional organization already involved with local discount retail chains, supermarkets, drug stores, and gift shops in the Massive City area. Eventually, the company will broaden its scope to include regional and national distribution. Its typical customers are those quality conscious, yet frugal, consumers, many of whom are from lower-income families that seek to stretch their budgets wherever possible but acquire high quality products. ISM International intends to meet the needs of this broad segment of consumers through the provision of low-cost with great quality. The green products will be marketed as such, with an emphasis on their quality to distinguish ISM International products from major brands which emphasize price. In carrying out the above measures, ISM International expects to establish itself as the preferred brand in the market for which a wide-range of consumers which recognize and trust ISM as a prime quality manufacturer.

ISM - Unique Features
In addition to ISM International, there are three companies nationwide which provide similar products. ISM International, however, has several unique features which distinguish it from competitors in the industry.

First, while the competitive advantage of any quality products manufacturer is its ability to compete on price, the ISM International brands have a unique image among similar products: that of a quality. Where competing with consumers products manufacturers attempt to capitalize solely on their on their low price in relation to the major brands, they limit their appeal to value-conscious consumers. ISM International, on the other hand, has attempted to create a brand identity associated with quality, as well as value. ISM International believes that consumers are attracted to innovative discount products which emphasize their quality in addition to affordability. Therefore, while the perception exists among consumers that discount products are not as effective, ISM International believes that a company such as it can further dispel this notion through clever advertising and promotion which will substantially broaden its appeal among brand-conscious consumers. This strategy will effectively allow ISM International to become the brand of choice for the value-conscious consumer and potentially an even broader market segment.

Second, ISM International has and will continue to stress its proximity to US markets and its just-in-time inventory system as a method for enhancing delivery of orders and providing quality customer service. By continuing to focus on these markets, ISM International can fine tune its operations for both products and establish limited brand awareness before expanding its scope Internationally.

Third, ISM International will stress the reliability of its products. Consumers will be made aware of the fact that the products from ISM International are equally, if not more, effective than the higher-priced, and name brand products on the market. In this manner, consumers will be more inclined to think of the ISM International products as the same in quality, reliability, and effectiveness as the major brands, with the only difference being the lower price of the ISM International products.

ISM International has set as its marketing objectives expanding its local market share for its products and capturing a 10% local market share comparable products in the first twelve months following expansion. The company is ready to achieve its short-term objectives through an aggressive pull strategy, involving heavy advertising and promotions based on its themes of product salability: quality, reliability, effectiveness, affordability. The company long-term goal is to capture a 25% share of the national market for each of its products within the next five years. This longer-term objective will be met by gradually relying more on brand identity and name recognition in the local market and shifting its advertising focus and marketing efforts to other regions of the country.

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements on this site and release(s), and other written or oral statements made by the Company, including the use of the words "expect," "anticipate," "estimate," "project," "forecast," "outlook," "target," "objective," "plan," "goal," "pursue," "on track," and similar expressions, are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. These statements are based on current estimates and projections about Ism International Inc business, which are derived in part on assumptions of its management, and are not guarantees of future performance, as such performance is difficult to predict. Actual outcomes and results may differ materially from what is expressed or forecasted in forward-looking statements due to numerous factors. Such factors include, but are not limited to, the Company's ability to execute effectively its business plan and acquisition strategy, changes in market activity, the development of new products and services, the enhancement of existing products and services, competitive pressures (including price competition), system failures, economic and political conditions, changes in consumer behavior and the introduction of competing products having technological and/or other advantages. These and other risks are described in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which should be read in conjunction herewith for a further discussion of important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. The Company assumes no obligation to update information concerning its expectations.


ISM International (isml) Ceo, Mario Quenneville is determine to move forward and offer to the consumers new green products. Over the years, Mr. Quenneville has created a new organic non toxic nail polish remover. This new remover formula does not contain any dangerous chemicals such as Acetone. The beauty of this product is that it does not release any unpleasant odor such Acetone does. Now, Women can actually remove the old polish (Nail Colors) virtually anywhere.


FEBRUARY 17, 2014

Mario Quenneville CEO of ISM International has spent the last 7 years developing a device that produces electricity at no cost using every bit of natural elements such as Sun, Wind and Magnetic Fields. The product is to be completed  in the third quarter of 2014 under the trademark "QW Energy™".

A working prototype has been tested and proven to be functional to produce a substantial amount of clean and free energy at minimal cost of maintenance and, this device now at Phase 3 exceed our expectation!

This is One of a Kind of Energy Machine! We expect that consumers will use it one a daily basis to eliminate their power bill and will be a back-up system in case of a storm! !


International - MyGirl products are organic, biodegradable and affordable to anyone. My Girl™ products are aimed to fulfill the needs of the younger people and of course all of us. In the next year MyGirl™ products should be available nationwide and ISM International expect to be recognized in the cosmetic field as a leader.

MyGirl™ organic nail polish remover will be available online soon and should be on the shelves of national chains at a very affordable price by April 2014. This advanced nail polish remover is organic and does not release any foul odors. Example ( With ISM Organic Nail Polish Remover brand My Girl™ you only need one pad / wipe to remove the color of 20 nails). Also My Girl will introduce a series of new nail colors that are odorless and that dries in minutes. My Girl line of clothing and undergarments will be introduce in the late third quarter of 2014.

Ray Martinez our Producer has won the 2012 Semi award for Best Direction. This award was presented at St. Petersburg College at a ceremony that recognizes students in the Digital Arts Program. "Bad Cop Bad Cop" was created as a group project in the Fall of 2011. Ray was the writer, Director, and editor.

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